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Dedicated lore man. I go out of my way to find obscure tidbits of info about Titanfall's universe and concept art and other development bits of info. I also cut stuff from Sprite Sheets used in-game for icons and whatnot. Also I'm an Admin now, so I'll hopefully be able to answer any questions you may have!

I also operate the bot account SpyglassUnitAlpha - if you have any requests for article cleanup that are more suitable for the bot to perform, feel free to contact me on my talk page!

I'm inactive on this site, if you need to contact me the best way to do so is on Halopedia.


Link dump of pages I may need to come back to at some point.

Advocate Network

I'm the writer and one of the co-creators of Advocate Network, a YouTube series focusing on explaining and creating content about Titanfall's Lore. If you're interested, check out this playlist here!

Want to get into Titanfall? Here's my recommended pages.

  • Titanfall Universe - This page sums up the history, factions, technology and timeline of the Titanfall universe. If you're looking for somewhere to get started, this is it.
  • The Frontier - What is the Frontier? Why should I care who controls it?
  • Titan - These guys are the series' namesake. And there's a lot more of them than fans of the main games-only might think.
  • Frontier War - This article covers the events of the war being waged by the IMC and Militia.
  • IMS Odyssey - This ancient carrier once served as the pride of the IMC Colonial Navy, but the events that would transpire aboard it would inform events for decades to come.