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This is the Userpage policy here on the Titanfall Wiki. All users must follow these guidelines for their userpage and subpages.


Backgrounds on userpages should have <span class="userBGImage"> and </span> on the left and right of the background code respectively.

Page elements

Embedded players and YouTube videos are allowed to autoplay, but must not be hidden from view. A pause button must be present and easily visible at the top of the page.


Users have free reign to post what they would like on their userpage so long as it is not in violation of any other policies. Everybody has opinions, but if these opinions are deemed offensive to others, the userpage in question may be edited, locked, or deleted without warning.


Unless a user has been renamed a userpage should link directly to the user in question. There should be no redirects to any other page on any user profiles.

Personal information

We suggest to not add personal information, such as your current location, your full name, and/or photos of yourself. This give people insights on your profile, and may harass you and/or come into contact with your personal information given.