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Titanfall Wiki is a compendium of the Titanfall Universe. Due to its encyclopaedic nature, all articles should be informative, concise, factual and free of conjecture. Files uploaded must be associated with the wiki and the following rules must be followed when accessing the site.

no copyright infringement
All manner of copyright infringement is strictly prohibited. Users in violation are at risk of having their IP reported to Respawn Entertainment, LLC and Electronic Arts Inc. These include, but aren't limited to- Piracy, Freebooting, Data leaking and Theft.
Any material on the wiki that does not qualify as fairuse will be subject to immediate and uncontested removal.
no plagiarism
We are aware that Titanfall Wiki is not the only site of this nature. As such any act of plagiarising the work of other authors from external sites is strictly prohibited. All acts of plagiarism will be removed and violators will receive a single warning and will be banned permanently for a repeat offence.
no hate speech
Discrimination of someone based on their person, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, beliefs, class, disability, and so on are strictly prohibited. Users in violation will be banned immediately.
no spamming
Acts of spamming links to unrelated, speculatory and misinformative external websites will be removed and their advertisers will be warned, and banned for incompliance.
no vandalism
Acts of vandalism will be reverted, and their perpetrators will be warned. Serious acts of vandalism will lead to outright banning. Contact an administrator or a moderator before changing large sections of well-formed articles.
no sock-puppetry
Sock-puppeteering is the act of creating one or more alternate accounts that is used, by exploiting anonymity, to evade bans, create confusion, deception, or disruption. Violators will be subject to permanent bans.
no nsfw (not safe for work) content
Materials that depict graphic violence and pornography aren't allowed. Violators will be warned, and banned for incompliance.
no edit warring
Do not engage in edit wars. If you have a disagreement with another editor on the content of a page, contact an administrator.
no propaganda
This is not a place to comment on one's personal and political ideologies and real-world situations. Discussion posts should be about the Titanfall Universe.
speculatory content
Speculatory content isn't allowed in the wiki only. All fan theories, fan-fictions, fan art, game content discussions, memes, guides, criticism and so on are totally acceptable in Discussion blogs and Forum posts.