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The Titanfall Wiki has a chat, or IRC, system on the wiki. As users have the freedom to chat to each other, there are still policies the user has to follow. Note that if any of the actions below are seen on chat, you will be banned from chat. Limits will follow.

Chat policies

  • All users should receive respectful treatment during chat interactions. Any user who engages in harassment, disrespect, or intimidation towards others will face a chat ban of one week. If the misconduct persists even after the ban, the user will be blocked from the chat for one month.
  • Engaging in excessive profanity will result in a one-week ban from chat. If the use of profanity continues after the initial ban, a one-month ban will be imposed. Subsequent violations, occurring for a third time or more, will lead to additional one-month bans from chat and so forth.
  • If you engage in conversations or share explicit content, like pornography, on this wiki, you will receive a strict warning lasting three months. If the behavior is repeated, you will be immediately blocked without any further inquiry.
  • Engaging in random chat spam, whether it includes links or excessive words, will result in a one-day chat block. If the behavior is repeated, the chat block duration will increase to three days. Subsequently, an additional two days will be added to the punishment each time it occurs, until reaching a maximum block duration of one year. It is important to note that chat spamming does not entail a complete account block; it solely results in a chat ban. As for flooding, the punishment duration will not exceed one year.